Benefits of Zamzam

Benefits Of Zamzam

Zamzam is a blessed water body, which quenches thirsting people across the globe. Zamzam water is known for its purity, cooling & refreshing nature, and quench thirsty features. The Zamzam Well is situated in Mecca and few meters east of Kabaah. The well is 31 meters deep.

The well’s ever-clean water has no moss, insects, fungus, or any other impurities. It contains a higher level of natural minerals than normal desalinated water. For this reason, it has a distinct, heavy taste.

Pilgrims are always keen to drink from the well and carry bottles filled with the water to their homelands.

Zamzam water in Arabic is also referred to as ‘Murwiya – meaning quenched’ and ‘Shabbaa – meaning satisfying’. The Prophet said that Zamzam water is a nourishing food and not just water. It is blessed by Allah and is said to be a cure for all illnesses.

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